Autograph #2 – Tito Landrum

So, on the topic of autographs, here is a ball that my dad gave me that was signed by Tito Landrum. I’m not too sure how he got it, or why, but he gave it to me. I was a baseball fan at the time, but not nearly as much as I was to become later in life. I remember thinking “cool” and then setting it on a dresser or table in my room. I had no clue who Tito was, but it was kind of neat.

Well, one day, a friend and I were wanting to play catch. We both had our gloves, but no ball. I went to my room and found that ball, and thought, well as long as we don’t drop it, it should work fine. Well, as a couple of pubescent boys, we were perfect examples of the lack of coordination that comes at that time in your life and the brand new ball with an autograph suffered immediately from grass stains and scuffs as it found the ground more than a few times.

We were still playing catch in the front yard when my dad got home from work. He wondered what ball we were using. I knew I didn’t do something right as I told him it was the autographed ball. He shook his head, and I think he was disappointed in us using the ball, but not so much as he understood the need to play catch.

I’m just glad it wasn’t an Ozzie Smith, Bruce Sutter or Lou Brock ball. But, even at that age, I doubt I would have been that foolish. Then again, sometimes you just need a game of catch.


One Response to Autograph #2 – Tito Landrum

  1. luisfjdcm says:


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